Integrate Google Plus into Your Small Business Marketing Goal

Google Plus Small Business Marketing Goal

More companies will be moving to Google+ for the obvious SEO benefits, increased visibility, and social media presence amongst other things; so, its time you make that move. And as a Online Marketing Firm that specializes in Adwords, you’d understand why its so important get involved with Google – all across their platform. As the most largest and popular search engine, Google draws tons of users to their search on a daily basis. Regardless of Google Plus’ (Google+) popularity, Google is bias towards their own brand. So, those that are involved will reap the benefits. For small to medium business, Google+ will help you reach your local customers – far better than Twitter & Facebook. Google+ is Google’s version of a social network and they are doing pretty well.

Google+ Content

Google Plus offers a wide array of different features as a bonus for using their services. Like Google+ content, a benefit that allows your content to rank higher in search results when your website does not. Each with its own unique url and rate of interaction – helping your content increase in rank within web results. Thank you Google Gods.

Google Plus Hashtag

Google+ has now integrated hashtags within their Google search platform. Go to Google, search a hashtag, and see what happens. So, make sure to include hashtags in your Google Plus post when the content is buzzworthy. If you do forget and your content & post is keyword full – Google+ might just add them for you.

Google’s Local Carousel

A personal fave of mine is Google’s “Local Carousel” – a horizontal bar of 20 image based results that appear when people search for restaurants, bars, and local places. This can positively increase the rate of viewers that come to your site as well as customers. Here is a compilation of over 30 keywords and phrases that help trigger the local carousel including common ones like “chinese restaurant”, “pizza”, and “live music”.

The ranking order of these local businesses are considered by a number of factors such as the number of +1s on the Google Plus business page, quantity of Google reviews, and quality of the Google+ page (photos, videos, ratings, etc). As for ratings, Google will enable the gold stars to your business once you reach a minimum of 5 reviews. According to Resolution Media Group, “the carousel appears for queries in certain local verticals only, and only if there are more than five businesses competing for the query.”

A big down side to the feature itself but not least as important as getting your business out there on a local level with photos, reviews, and credibility. Don’t forget to encourage customer reviews and rating as the more organic reviews promote positive rankings.

Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph is a mini info panel that appears on the right side of the web results using semantic-search information gathered from a variety of sources while providing other related links. Many small to medium sized businesses have benefited from this feature – lending to an increased amount of popularity and reputation within Google. For local businesses, Google will pull its content from your Google+ business page. And when implemented accurately, you will see a visual branding, Google Plus followers, and recent Google+ posts and reviews otherwise competitors links and posts will appear instead of your own.

Gmail Plus

Anyone with Gmail has probably noticed this already but Google+ has now been integrated into your Gmail. When you receive an email from a company with a Google+ page, a handy-dandy follow button will appear alongside related & recent posts – increasing content clickability/visibility as well as follows.

GIFs & Social Annotations

If GIFs are a big thing for your business – you’re in luck! Google Plus allows users to upload them. Making you and your company look like the hip and modern business that you are. And on another spectrum, you can enable social annotations – a simple way to build Google+ following and prove credibility. With this feature, you’ll need to merge your Google+ page and Adwords account while also holding a active and verified Google Plus page.

What’s your favorite Google Plus feature? Let me know in the comments below!

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