and the question is: what can we do for you

If you’re a local business you know the challenge of getting people to come through your door. Let Manage Your Spend help you manage your marketing investment and implement measurable online advertising strategies.  We offer four primary service packages:

1. Intro to Adwords: This package is perfect for the business that is looking to step into the world of Adwords with little risk and for minimal expense. It provides a low monthly spend over a 3-month period to illustrate the potential positive impact Manage Your Spend can have on your business.

2. Local Business Builder: As a local business, cutting through the clutter while choosing a marketing tactic that is cost effective can be a challenge. This package is build for the business who is already engaged in local advertising but wants more from its marketing spend. With over 70% of online searches looking for local businesses, being readily found online is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

3. Online Business Leader: If your company relies heavily on outbound or virtual sales in order to generate new business, the Online Business Leader marketing package is designed for you. Generate the maximum number of leads, track sales conversions and arm your sales force with prospects everyday. This package is perfect for a local business with a moderate sized sales team, or an online business looking to expand into new markets abroad.

4. Enterprise Adwords & Marketing Consulting: With our experience in online advertising, marketing, and consumer behaviour, we offer several additional services.  These include:

  • Enterprise level Google Adwords management
  • Adwords Training and Consulting
  • Export Development and New Market Consulting
  • Refined Marketing Plans, that balance brand engagement with ROI marketing tactics that are inline with the sales process of your organization.

Manage Your Spend’s purpose is to help companies realize a return on their advertising and marketing efforts. It may sound obvious, but seeing an ROI on an ad spend is as rare as a company like Manage Your Spend.

After working for award-winning ad agencies, global-minded businesses, and a combination of 30 years of marketing and sales experience, Manage Your Spend understands how people search, how businesses spend, and how your organization can finally realize a measurable return on your advertising investment.

Google Adwords Certified, the Manage Your Spend team has a meticulous focus on results that drive new leads for businesses.